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Arts & Culture

Feel The Inspiration

Creativity is imbued in every part of the culture in Charleston, South Carolina.

A Vibrant Culture

A Strong Sense of Place

Creativity is imbued in every part of Charleston’s culture. From its art and architecture to its food, music, and pursuits of the people who call it home.

No. 1 Travel Destination in the U.S.

Condé Nast Traveler

7 American Cities That Look Like They Belong In Europe

Huffington Post

The Friendliest Cities in the World

Fodor’s Travel

Gibbes Museum of Art

Art Is The Reason

The foremost collection of American art that incorporates the story of Charleston, the Museum connects the region’s artistic past to a vibrant contemporary art scene.


Middleton Place

An Essential American Experience

America’s oldest landscaped gardens, a house museum, plantation stableyards, exhibits, restaurant, inn, organic farm and educational programs.


The Sound of Charleston

Live Concerts of A Rich, Musical Past

Gospel, Gershwin, music of the Civil War, light classics, and jazz – all the elements of Charleston’s rich musical past.


Sights & Insights Tours

Explore African American History

Air-conditioned mini-bus tours of Charleston covering Black History, Gullah and GeeChee culture, and plantation life.


Charleston Gallery Association

Art Galleries, Walks & Events

More than 40 galleries showcasing local, regional and national artists' works including landscape, Lowcountry, realism, contemporary, photography and sculpture.


With its acclaimed restaurants, soul-stirring landscapes, vibrant culture, and exquisitely preserved Antebellum wonders, Charleston, South Carolina, exudes a gravitational pull for travelers as the one American South city they absolutely, positively, must visit."

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