In Case of Emergency

From time-to-time, Mother Nature threatens the Carolina coast and the Charleston area and surrounding communities are thrown into hurricane / emergency mode.

First and foremost is safety, for our families, our employees and our visitors. Charleston County's Emergency Preparedness Division has a terrific preparedness guide so please check it out!

After the storm has passed, however, the CACVB will be aggressively advertising to get visitors back to the Charleston area. In this scenario, our goal will be to limit the negative economic impact for our members and our municipalities and get the word out with the news that "The Charleston area is open for business!"

We will need help from our Travel Council Members in the event of an emergency situation. The CACVB staff will need to know information such as if your business is open, if your operating hours have changed, and other similar pieces of information. These facts will help the CACVB when assisting our visitors and when talking with the media.

In the event of a community emergency, this is the place to stay on top of what the CACVB is doing and how you can stay plugged-in to what's happening with tourism in our community.