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Charleston International Film Festival

Surf’s up, dudes! Way up, at the Charleston International Film Festival this year! The films include the action adventure film DROP ZONE FIJI by director Greg Browning and WAVES IN OUR POCKET, a locally made film about Folly Beach by director Bryant Thomas. Proceeds for the block will go to Surfers Healing. Founded by Israel and Danielle Paskowitz, the organization devotes its time helping children with autism find relief through the powers of surfing.
Greg Browning will be in attendance and available for a Q&A session. In addition, at the end of the block a Body Glove wet suit will be given away to one lucky hopeful. Come support your local filmmakers and the surfing community.

About CIFF
Charleston International Film Festival
CIFF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to educate, entertain, and inspire through the art and science of film. Co-founded in 2007, by film producer Summer Spooner Peacher and Charleston native Brian Peacher, the festival showcases over 70 short films, features and documentaries from around the world. Attendees gather for five days May 18-22, 2011 to attend premieres, panels, special events and the Annual Awards Gala.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 18 – Opening Night
Block 1 7:00 PM
Rooftop (3 minutes) – Music Video, American Theater
Two Friendly Ghosts (8 minutes) - Short
Alleged (91 minutes) - Feature
Block 2 9:00 PM
Last Confession (12 minutes) - Short, American Theater
Black (10 minutes) – Short
The Man Who Married Himself (11 minutes) - Short
Morning Honey (8 minutes) - Short
Let Me In (3 minutes) – Music Video
Wid Winner & The Slipstream (50 Minutes) - Feature
After Party 9:00 PM Chai’s Lounge 462 King Street
*Special Live Music Session by Duwayne Motley

Workshop 3:00PM Movie Editing Workshop College of Charleston
Block 1 4:00 PM Animations Program American Theater Toothnapped (5 minutes)
The Wind-Up Life (5 minutes)
Test Anxiety (3 minutes)
Place Stamp Here (5 minutes)
Cankered and Cursed (4 minutes)
Sharfik (14 minutes)
Golden Fish (4 minutes)
The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf (11 minutes) – Stop Motion
Bait (10 minutes)
Gravitons (3 minutes)
Prayers for Peace (8 minutes)
The Necessities of Life (5 minutes)
A Jake and A Tom (10 minutes) – Mixed Media
Masks (8 minutes)
Block 2 4:15 PM big TIME (83 minutes) - Documentary Cinebarre Mt. Pleasant
Block 3 6:00 PM Documentary Program
American Theater
What I Meant to Tell You (60 minutes)
A Day in the Life: John Duckworth (20 minutes)
(Re)Discovering Don ZanFagna (27 minutes)
Theatre Marvelosa presents “Zee Hat!!” (27 minutes)
Block 4 7:00 PM
Shorts Program Cinebarre Mt. Pleasant
Apocalypse Story (13 minutes)
Too Sunny for Santa (19 minutes)
Atroz (10 minutes)
The Intern and the Dumpster (9 minutes)
Quarters (19 minutes)
Sexting (8 minutes)
Regular Kids (13 minutes)
Block 5 8:30 PM
Like Sugar on the tip of my lips (12 minutes) - Short
American Theater The Afflicted (84 minutes) - Feature
Block 6 9:00 PM
November (5 minutes) - Short
Cinebarre Mt. Pleasant
True Nature (92 minutes) – Feature
Block 7 11:00 PM
Special Screening
Cinebarre Mt. Pleasant
Forbidden Zone (76 minutes) - Feature
After Party 8:00 PM Cinebarre, Houston Northcut, Mt. Pleasant *Special DJ Set by Danny Seltzer

Workshop 3:00PM Animation Workshop
College of Charleston
Block 1 5:00 PM Documentary Program
American Theater
Stepping into the Stream (30 minutes)
Aliki (5 minutes)
Diddley Bow (3 minutes)
Wild Horses in Winds of Change (30 minutes)
The Greatest Migration (21 minutes)
Block 2 7:00 PM Shorts Program
American Theater
Perspective (10 minutes)
Protect the Nation (16 minutes)
Half Garage (34 minutes)
The Buck Johnson Story (17 minutes)
Deeper than Yesterday (20 minutes)
Block 3 9:00 PM
The Wasp and The Caterpillar (9 minutes) - Short American Theater
SURPRISE FEATURE (97 minutes) - Feature
Block 4 11:00PM
Sports Action Program American Theater
Waves in Our Pocket (30 minutes)
Drop Zone: Fiji (53 minutes)
After Party 9:00 PM Club NV 54 N. Market Street *Live DJ Sets

Panel 10:00AM 3D Workshop & Q&A
American Theater
Panel 12:00PM SC Indie Grants & Using Tax Incentives American Theater
Block 1 1:00PM SC Film Commission Indie Grant Program American Theater
Dirty Silverware (13 minutes) - Short
Down Turn (8 minutes) - Short
Ash and Water (11 minutes) - Documentary
The Debutante Hunters (12 minutes) - Documentary
The Movie Critic (8 minutes) - Short
Toogoodoo (13 minutes) - Short
Block 2 3:00PM Shorts Program American Theater
His New Shoes (5 minutes)
Autumn Rising (6 minutes)
Quality Time (9 minutes)
Over the Counter (7 minutes)
Saying Goodbye (16 minutes)
The Butterfly Orchestra (16 minutes)
The Philosopher (17 minutes)
All Gone Away (5 minutes) – Music Video
Block 3 5:00PM Documentary Program
American Theater
DAMS-The Lethal Water Bombs (22 minutes)
Tap Out (60 minutes)
Block 4 7:00PM Rooftop (3 minutes) – Music Video
Hippodrome Widescreen
The Story of Us (8 minutes) - Short
Angel Camouflaged (117 minutes) - Feature
Block 5 7:00PM Shorts Program
American Theater
Penny and Charlie (15 minutes)
The Broken Heart of Gnocci Bolognese (18 minutes)
Bathing & the Single Girl (11 minutes)
Not Worth a Bullet (25 minutes)
God and Vodka (29 minutes)
How Tourette’s Saved My Life (1 minute)
Block 6 9:00PM Whirlwind (10 minutes) - Short American Theater
Cherry. (97 minutes) - Feature

After Party 9:00 PM Music Farm 32 Ann Street
*Live performances by California's own Nick Soliday of Snow in Africa followed by the rythmic sounds of headliners The Dubplates.

Block 1 1:00PM Shorts Program
Cinebarre Mt. Pleasant
The Tub (16 minutes)
The Secret Friend (15 minutes)
The Road to Jacob (16 minutes)
Jeremy (31 minutes)
The Perfect Hurl (15 minutes)
Block 2 3:00PM
American Jihadist (67 minutes) - Documentary
Cinebarre Mt. Pleasant
Block 3 3:15PM
Price of Sex (72 minutes) - Documentary
Cinebarre Mt. Pleasant

*Festival passes are available good for access to all screenings, panels and parties excluding the awards dinner) for $99.

May 18, 2011 - May 22, 2011

American Theater
446 King St. Charleston, SC 29403
, SC


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