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9 Secret Alleyways in Charleston

9 Secret Alleyways in Charleston

The charming streets of Charleston wear the polish of 350 years of history, an enchanting chronology that is evident at every turn. Earthquake bolts and ornate ironwork adorn antebellum dwellings while copper lanterns and hitching posts hint at a bygone era. The details of this architecturally rich city reveal themselves when the peninsula’s sidewalks, seawalls and secret alleyways are explored on foot. Scroll on to discover nine of the Holy City’s hidden pathways, including the Unitarian Church Graveyard, Bedon’s Alley, Longitude Lane, Philadelphia Alley, Price’s Alley, St. Michael’s Alley, Stoll’s Alley, Unity Alley and Horlbeck Alley.

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Stoll’s Alley
Longitude Lane