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11 Secret Off-The-Menu Dishes in Charleston

11 Secret Off-The-Menu Dishes in Charleston

Move over, Starbucks! You’re not the only one with a secret menu worth shouting from the rooftops. From Parisian gnocchi to Chipotle Shrimp Nachos, We’re sharing 11 secret dishes that might tempt you to never order from the not-so-secret menu again.

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Every Tuesday night, Purlieu offers a must-try, off-the-menu Chicken Parmesan that is served alongside Parisian gnocchi! No more wishing the days away until the weekend; Tuesday just became our favorite day of the week.

D’s Disco Dumplings. Say that 10 times fast and The Alley will allow you to order the dish off of their secret menu. Just kidding. All you have to do is ask (maybe throw a “please” in there) and you’ll be enjoying chicken and vegetable potstickers served with disco sauce in no time.

You know of Martin BBQ’s specialty burger, “The Paddy Melt,” but did you know you can request to add whole hog BBQ to the sandwich?

Hear us out. MEX 1's popular Bangin’ Shrimp Taco… but in quesadilla form. All the melty cheese and lightly fried shrimp in a crispy tortilla, topped with their spicy Bangin’ Sauce? It’s going to be a “yes” from us.

Sink your teeth into Félix's mouth-watering off-the-menu classic American Burger, served alongside their equally delicious house-cut pommes frites.

Are you that person who patiently waits for the waiter to share all of their fancy daily specials so you can order your go-to chicken tenders and fries? We get you, and have great news. Renzo has a secret kids’ pasta that isn’t just limited to kids: classic buttered noodles with parmesan, with the noodles rotating depending on their current specialty. PRO TIP: Ask for black pepper at the table to make your own Cacio e Pepe.

You may have heard of Salty Dog’s famously huge “Jake-Zilla” burger, but you probably haven’t heard of their off-the-menu spin, “The Jakenator.” The “Jakenator” is a double cheeseburger topped with hickory smoked bacon, pimento cheese, slow-cooked and hand-pulled pork and fried onions, and drizzled with house-made BBQ sauce… all sandwiched between not one, but two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Park Cafe’s popular egg sandwich is already a treat for your taste buds, but did you imagine it could get even better? Co-Owner Xan McLaughlin recommends requesting to add their house ground ribeye patty with bacon to the sandwich for an extra zing. PRO TIP: Xan substitutes the side of fried potatoes for a half grapefruit for a healthy touch combined with the sandwich … but we’re all for keeping the fried potatoes right where they belong (on our plates) too.

Chipotle. Shrimp. Nachos. Need we say more? This off-the-menu dish includes local shrimp marinated in chipotle and roasted garlic with Lowlife Bar’s house queso, lime crema, radishes, scallion and cilantro, all served on top of house tortilla chips.

Gluten-free foodies, rejoice! Did you know The Daily offers off-the-menu breakfast tacos as a gluten-free option? You also have the option to add a single taco to any order!

Every Sunday for dinner, Butcher & Bee customers can order their off-the-menu double cheeseburger and fries. Their burger comes with a special secret sauce, American cheese, B&B pickles and a brioche bun. PRO TIP: Add whipped feta to your burger ...or any other sandwich for that matter!