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5 Ways the Lowcountry Cultivates Creativity

5 Ways the Lowcountry Cultivates Creativity

For more than 300 years, Charleston’s evocative beauty has inspired painters, poets, playwrights and musicians. An artist’s muse, Charleston has lent its setting to novels, movies, operatic scores and canvases seen around the world. Standing ovations, one-man shows, historic theatres, high-energy festivals, Gullah crafts and more than 500 live performances annually contribute to Charleston’s multi-sensory cultural aura. Scroll on to discover how the Lowcountry inspires creativity in five talented artists behind Redux Contemporary Art Center.


Charleston is my perfect oasis; it is the place where my soul feels at peace and my mind is awakened. Charleston has so much to offer and the sense of community here is powerful. I find that many Charlestonians deeply care about what they do and how it affects the community around them, which is a rare virtue in today’s society. Charleston is full of passionate and creative people, which in turn fuels and inspires me and my work.


The colors of Charleston and the people that live in the Holy City are always inspiring what I’m drawn to create! 


Being a native Lowcountry son, the waters and the winds that lap at our shores have provided endless inspiration for my work. The gorgeous framework of history that wraps around us all inspires me to give beauty back to this city I love so much.


I find that the storytelling tradition of the South still speaks through Charleston’s historical buildings and gardens. For a spring fashion issue of Charleston Magazine “In Like A Lion – Out Like A Lamb,” a classic Charleston Veranda became a garden.


Charleston inspires my work in so many ways. The number one way is the weather. That’s right; the balmy, warm temperatures inspire my paintings. I created a series based on temperature and the majority of that work was warm and vibrant. 


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