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Culinary Passion of Charleston

Discover why a culinary culture thrives in Charleston

Lowcountry High
Experience soaring Lowcountry vistas from the sky.

History Lives
Take a peek at the beauty and charm our preserved past presents.

Charleston Cuisine
Watch a tasty morsel about the flavor of Charleston's mouthwatering cuisine.

Recreation in the Charleston Area
As you'll see in this video, there is no shortage of fun activities in Charleston.

Such a great place to visit, you'll want it all to yourself.

Carriage Ride
What will you bring home from your trip?

Good Neighbor Getaways
What will you discover in our backyard? Watch and see.

Charleston's Cuisine
Learn about the variety and freshness of Charleston's locally influenced cuisine
(part 1 of 4)

Charleston's Local Ingredients
Check out Charleston's fresh cuisine strait from the boat & farm!
(part 2 of 4)

Charleston's Unique Gullah Cuisine
Experience the cuisine that grew up on the sea islands in the Lowcountry
(part 3 of 4)

Culinary Passion of Charleston
Discover why a culinary culture thrives in Charleston
(part 4 of 4)

So Many Things To Do in Charleston
There is so much to do from carriage rides to kayaking; educate yourself on Charleston's recreation.
(part 1 of 7)

On the Water in Charleston
Experience Charleston fully by kayaking the Lowcountry waterways
(part 2 of 7)

Charleston Area Golf
Learn how you can walk the beach while swinging a club!
(part 3 of 7)

Charleston Area Shopping
Experience the never-ending King Street shopping strip!
(part 4 of 7)

Surfing in Charleston
Discover the most popular break from Florida to the outer banks
(part 5 of 7)

Visiting Fort Sumter
Visit the year 1861 at Charleston's Fort Sumter
(part 6 of 7)

Fishing in Charleston
Enjoy that priceless moment when you catch your first big fish of the day in Charleston
(part 7 of 7)

Charleston History Overview
Experience a living history in Charleston
(part 1 of 5)

Touring Charleston
Enjoy a walk through history while strolling the battery & historic district.
(part 2 of 5)

Charleston's Early Leaders
Learn about Edward Rutledge, Charles Pinckney & Christopher Gadsden's contributions to Charleston
(part 3 of 5)

The Charleston Single House
Discover Charleston's version of an English row house
(part 4 of 5)

Charleston's Past and Present
Understand how Charleston offers a connection between past and present
(part 5 of 5)

2012 PGA Championship
The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

Charleston Family Fun
Explore all that Charleston offers families of all shapes and sizes.

Charleston Explorers Club
Explore the Charleston Area like never before with this free, interactive program for families.

Voted 2011 Top City In The US
A hearty "thanks, y'all" from your friends in Charleston.