The Avian Conservation Center / The Center for Birds of Prey

For Immediate Release, March 2011

The Center for Birds of Prey released a bald eagle today in Awendaw, SC. The bald eagle came to the Medical Clinic at the Avian Conservation Center two weeks ago, unconscious and suffering from barbiturate poisoning. With care from the medical staff at the Avian Conservation Center, the eagle recovered and was able to be released back into its natural habitat.

“Seeing this bald eagle released today was especially gratifying,” said Jim Elliott, the executive director of the Avian Conservation Center. “When the bird arrived at the Center it was comatose and we weren’t sure that it would live through the first few hours. This is truly a testament to the advanced care that our medical clinic gives these magnificent creatures.”

Since its inception 19 years ago, the Center has treated and released over 120 bald eagles, equivalent to approximately half of the population of 280 breeding pairs of bald eagles in South Carolina. In addition, the Center has treated over 5,000 injured birds of prey with over 500 birds in 2010 alone.

The Avian Conservation Center and its operating division, The Center for Birds of Prey, are dedicated to the study and welfare of birds and their habitats and to engaging the public in important environmental issues that affect birds and humans alike.

About The Center for Birds of Prey
Under the umbrella of the nonprofit Avian Conservation Center, The Center for Birds of Prey identifies and addresses vital environmental issues through avian medicine, educational outreach and conservation initiatives. With thoughtfully designed display aviaries, two flight demonstration fields, the 152-acre campus just outside of Charleston, South Carolina offers visitors a chance to experience birds of prey in a natural setting and to better understand avian science and environmental conservation. For further information call (843) 971-7474 or visit